About us

ASAHI JAPAN – A provider of services of Real Estate Operations Management, Exploitation and Distribution, is a joint venture between Dat Xanh Mien Bac and Toyo Group (Japan).ASAHI JAPAN Investment & Asset Management Service Joint Stock Company was established on the basis of strong cooperation between a prestigious Group in Real Estate Construction, Investment and Management in Japan – Toyo Group and Dat Xanh Mien Bac – a leading company in real estate distribution and leasing in Vietnam.With the desire to provide comprehensive real estate solutions and the best services in Vietnam, ASAHI JAPAN has been creating a closed real estate service chain: Investment – Distribution – Exploitation – Operation, including 3 areas:

+ Real estate management (ASAHI JAPAN)

+ Real estate distribution (ASAHI JAPAN)

+ Serviced apartment operations management (ASAHI LUXSTAY).

In addition, Asahi Japan also applies advanced technology and Japanese standard processes to the service chain in order to bring the community and customers the best quality services on the basis of maximum value and benefits for the real estate owned by customers.With the most sincere thanks to customers and partners who have been trusting and will trust our services, ASAHI JAPAN is committed to always creating sustainable and professional development values for our customers’ real estate products.

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A provider of comprehensive real estate solutions and the best services in Vietnam

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  • Standard Japanese services and bringing the best investment opportunities to partners and customers
  • Building the best Japanese standard real estate management services that are available nationwide
  • Building a large customer base including: Investors, partners, domestic and foreign customers
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  • Humans•  Integrity and transparency•  Professionalism•  Omotenashi
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